Crankerup Pest Control is committed to bringing affordable and effective Pest Control services to it's customers.

In 2009 as rental property owners, we were having a lot of Bed Bug issues. After doing research we felt that the heat treatment was the best way to get rid of Bed Bugs. We purchased the equipment in 2010, got licensed and insured, and started helping other property owners with their Bed Bug issue.

That's when Crankerup Pest Control was opened in Nov. 2010. Once we got the Bed Bug heat treatment service established, we then expanded into all pest control services. That Offered a full line of services for business, property managers and home owners.

We are a small company that has a good relationship with our customers. Referrals are a big part of our business. In the five years we have learned, if you give customers good service, they will refer you to family and friends.

We have affordable services for all your pest control needs. We make sure our customers are 100 % satisfied with the service they received from Crankerup Pest Control.